I have devoted my life to enacting the kind of society I want to live in.

I was raised in a political family, with my father working in the co-op sector. I studied politics and anthropology and first got involved with direct action during university. Was loosely involved in Cardiff Anarchist Network after returning to Cardiff and starting a family.

I studied permaculture whilst working in conservation and campaigning and then kick-started the Transition Town Initiative in Cardiff.

I left Cardiff to explore communal living and self-sufficiency. I stayed at Coed Hills Rural Artspace for a brief time, Fox Housing Co-operative and Brithdir Mawr for a winter.

I now live at Fox Housing Co-operative and work co-operatively as a low impact blacksmith and woodland worker. I am involved in Radical Routes - the co-op of radical co-ops.

I am devoted to supporting all community-based autonomous organisation for radical social change.