I have always been left-wing and was actively involved in opposing the Iraq war in 2002 and 2003. But the public's very vocal opposition to that war seemed to achieve nothing and, feeling disillusioned, I dropped out of political activity. It was the coming to power of the coalition government in 2010 that woke me up. Such an appalling bunch of sociopaths telling outright lies about the need for austerity programs. I knew I had to start taking action so I got involved with the local anti cuts umbrella organisation in Cardiff. I got to know people in most of the Left groups and tried their theories on for size. 

I'm still forming my political ideas, but I have concluded that Marxism doesn't work for me. I can't see how, if you form a dictatorship of the proletariat, you can then get them to give up power and dissolve the state. It seems to me that if people gain power, they have a nasty habit of doing whatever they can to hang onto it. Anarchism makes a lot more sense to me; especially the clear-eyed admission that we're unlikely to ever get to utopia, so it's important that we act in an ethical and radical way now and practice what we preach as much as we can. I don't agree with using compromising methods today to get to some possible paradise in the future. 

I'm not much of a theoriser. I'm happiest when I am taking practical direct action towards the kind of world I want to see, with UK Uncut or with other anti-capitalist groups. I oppose capitalism and all forms of oppression, and I know that voting every five years and writing to your MP is not enough to achieve any real change.