I'm a concerned citizen of Earth currently based in Swansea who tries to engage in the occasional spurt of activism in between my days of drudgery to survive. Born in London of African-Guyanese and Celtic-Welsh parentage, I grew up in Georgetown, Guyana and have also lived in Venezuela and for many years in the USA. 

I've done some organizing around labour, immigrant rights and political prisoner issues whilst in the States and in the UK. While in the USA I've helped organize benefit gigs and demonstrations in support of political prisoners such as Mumia abu-Jamal, the MOVE 9 and the Angola 3 (to name a few of many political prisoners in the USA), and more recently in Swansea I've helped organize demonstrations in solidarity with asylum seekers on hunger strike at Yarl's Wood Detention Centre and against "workfare". I also put together a benefit gig for the families of Jimmy Mubenga (victim of the UKBA and G4S) and Ian Tomlinson (victim of the Metropolitan Police - I had been only a couple of streets away at the anti-G20 demonstration in London where Ian Tomlinson was killed in 2009). 

I take much of my political inspiration from anarchism (libertarian socialism) and much of my spiritual inspiration from the Rastafari movement/culture. I'm a writer of fiction and a hip hop/reggae emcee/deejay under the name SKS de Arrowhead (SKS for Science Killing Snakes), although I have yet to achieve "success" in those fields.