I would describe myself politically as a Marxist, a Trotskyist or as a Revolutionary Socialist. My basic belief is that capitalism cannot be made to serve the interests of the masses around the world. It can not be made into something humane; it cannot be reformed to death. In order to serve the interests of the toiling masses globally and the environment society needs to be run by ordinary people taking control of their own communities and over the running of society at large rather than the current setup up where rich business owners and capitalism politician dictate over us. In my view this can only happen with a revolutionary change, by which I simply mean the masses taking over the running of society democratically and internationally. 

Born and raised in and around Cardiff, I currently reside in Pontypridd. I first became a political activist in late 2002 at the age of 17, campaigning against the invasion of Iraq. In the beginning of 2003 I joined the Socialist Party of which I am still a member. Since then I have been involved in various campaigns, anything from defending public services to opposing imperialist wars. From anti-fascism to environmentalism, and many more. 

For a few years I was a shop steward for Usdaw, the shop workers union, and from there an elected delegate to Cardiff County Trades Union Council. These days I am a mature student studying Sociology at the University of Glamorgan in Trefforest. As a student there I am the elected Trefforest campus chair for the University of Glamorgan Students Union and the Uni Glam Socialist Students organiser, as well as an active supporter of Youth Fight for Jobs

I maintain a regular blog of my own called Everyones Favourite Comrade. I occasionally write for ‘the Socialist’ and the Socialist Party Wales website. I can be found on twitter @EFComrade. If you´d like to discuss anything I have written on Radical Wales more deeply then you can find me on Facebook.