I'm a bass guitarist/songwriter (currently with punk band Science Bastard) who has shunned fame and fortune (!) to live the life of a humble NHS worker in Newport. I was raised in a family of unionised dockers and can recall many heated political discussions/arguments going on at home from an early age. I've always been hugely interested in the 'science' of politics and society, mainly political philosophy and economics, but in recent years I have tried to apply my views to more 'real', practical campaigns such as No Borders, the campaign against St. Athan Military Academy, and the opposition to racist groups like the BNP and EDL. 

Although I remain a reluctant pluralist, I live in hope that I will eventually settle on one view of how society should progress towards an egalitarian, peaceful future without capitalist greed and nationalist or religious prejudice. Until then I will continue to explore my main political interests: Political philosophy (particularly of individual freedom), the politics of healthcare, the Northern Ireland Troubles, and military history in general. I remain resolutely opposed to war, racism, the monarchy, blood sports, and anything else that gets my political blood boiling!