I was born and brought up in Newport. I first worked in the civil service and later studied at Cardiff University before becoming a teacher of German and French in a number of comprehensive schools in South Wales. I am now retired and this suits me just fine. 

I have been a political activist since I first joined the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in 1962. I campaigned for the Labour Party for many years and was amongst those who believed we could transform it into a real party for the people. When Tony Blair was elected Leader and irrevocably changed the constitution of the Labour Party, the formation of the Socialist Labour Party with Arthur Scargill as Leader was like a breath of fresh air. I have been a member of the SLP since 1996 and represent the Women’s Section on the National Executive Committee. I am a political party animal and believe that the SLP is the only party with a manifesto which I can entirely agree with. 

I have long since given up the hope that socialism would be achieved by manning the barricades. Since we live in a state with so-called ‘parliamentary democracy’ I believe that we should try to change the electoral system to make it inclusive for those of us on the fringes. In my opinion the election of the first Green MP at the last General Election gives cause for hope.