I was born in Tredegar half a century ago, but my politicisation is probably due at least as much to having been brought up and educated in the hideous weirdness of apartheid South Africa as to having been born in a hotbed of working class activism in South Wales, and the home of Aneurin Bevan. 

I was a member of the eurocommunist wing of the old CPGB in the 1980s, although was always of a more libertarian bent. Increasingly I began to self-identify as an anarchist, largely as it became clear to me that there were inherent problems not only with Leninism, but also with marxism itself. The old eurocommunist idea of a road to socialism that had a role for parliamentary politics as well as struggle in the streets also came to seem increasingly ridiculous under the 13 year Labour regime. 

 After 13 years avoiding work by blagging various degrees, I was dragged into the employment vortex and have worked for Cardiff Council since 1994. I am currently involved in a number of campaigns as well as South Wales Anarchists.