Politically, I am a Communist. I have been involved with activism and the left for over a decade, in the anti-capitalist, anti-war, and anti-fascist movements in the UK. 

In Nepal, I have worked with the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) for just over two years, as an English teacher to the Peoples Liberation Army in the UN cantonment in Chitwan Nepal, and as a copy writer (basically English spell checker) for the Nepali Maoist English language newspaper The Red Star

I have written articles about the Nepali Revolution for The Red Star, Countercurrents, Dissident Voice and Anarkismo, some of which have been translated into Nepali and other (Asian) languages, and some also published on the Kasama and Democracy and Class Struggle sites. 

I have also been denounced as a reactionary by the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (RCP USA) in a letter to the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist. 

At the moment, I live in Cardiff and I am trying to write an account of the Nepali Revolution, and why it has not ultimately succeeded. I also help run the Das Kapital reading group.