I’m also known as Cosmo. You can listen to my music and read my blog.  

I'm a education worker and musician who has been living in South Wales for 10 years. I teach English language to migrants who have settled here, and has been involved in several Popular Education initiatives using music, based on the work of Paolo Friere

I've been involved in campaigning around migration issues, anti-fascism and more since the early nineties. Back then I was involved in the anti-roads movement, Reclaim The Streets and the campaigns against the Criminal Justice Act. Most recently I've been involved in setting up a group called Cardiff Folk Against Fascism. Watch out for announcements about the shows!  

Like most other anarchists, I believe that democracy is something that we should be actively involved with everyday, in our workplaces, communities, families and so on. I'm not convinced that using the state is any way to achieve socialism. 

As a musician, I've released 5 albums and toured festivals, protest camps and picket lines around the UK, US, South America and Europe. This included Glastonbury, the Edinburgh Fringe and other places. I am quite possibly the world's first Scots/Hungarian/cockney adopted Welshman.